Face Recognition Project

Dec 2, 2008

This is one of my most favorite projects. I distinctly remember the joy it brought me. To be honest, after years of school, most of my school projects felt like a grind. This project, however, was different. I was eager to do the research and looking forward to the experiments. It was probably the first time I truly enjoyed schoolwork in ages.

This project was the semester project for my Computer Vision class. At the time I was very interested with facial recognition and access control, so I decided to see if it’s possible to build system that grants access via facial recognition. I wanted the system to be quick, cheap, and of course reliable. I also wanted the system to be able to “learn/know” new faces. In the end I built a “system” that utilized eigenfaces and a neural network for “learning” the faces. For more information, read my research paper and presentation below.

Research Paper


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