Aug 12, 2017

After attending the CrossFit Games in Madison, WI, a group of us decided to spend a few days in Chicago. It was a fantastic trip! We ate so much good food, highlighted by an amazing dinner at Alinea, which was voted the 21st Best Restaurant in the world. It was not only culinary but also an emotional journey. The food was super tasty, but the way Chef Achatz evoked feelings from me was something that stuck with me. He used a variety of techniques, such as aroma, plating, imageries, and a balloon (my favorite). It was like dinner and theatre combined into one. Definitely an experience to remember and I highly recommend.

We also went to a White Sox baseball game, on the most gorgeous day for a ball game. Thanks to friendships and connections we got great seats! I got a much needed (and deserved) Chicago style hotdog. What really made our experience was the cotton candy guy. He was super funny and you could hear him yelling from across the ball park.

Chicago Skyline

I posted some of the highlights on my Instagram here.

Have you been to Chicago? What do you like about it?

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