Stand with Your Morals

Jan 18, 2017

Recently in a personal incident I was pitted against my own ideals. It was a weird and tough situation for me, as I am usually WITH my own principles instead of against. I felt powerless. The outcome was necessary (and correct, I truly believed that). However, selfishly, I was wishing for something else, wishing there was something, anything, I could do to change it. I wanted to scream and shout out, but I fell silent. Words would not come out. I had to take a very long and hard look at myself and my beliefs. I don’t mean faith or religion or anything; it’s a set of rules that I set for myself. You can call it my moral compass. It has been challenged before but never quite like so. A man must stand with his morals. And I chose my morals over my own desires. It broke me. It hurt.

“Seven billion people on this Earth. We each experienced this day differently.” I sincerely hope no one experienced it like I did.

But I will be back. Stronger than ever.

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