New Year Resolution

Jan 5, 2018

2017 was a great year. I got out of my comfort zone, did many things that I wouldn’t normally do (and also many things that I had wanted to do for a while), and learned some life lessons (granted some of them forced). I snowboarded; took a day trip to Yosemite (and slept in a frozen tent cabin); checked a few spots off my photography bucket list; experienced a three-star Michelin restaurant (and passed out); went to many live concerts; witnessed a world record; and finally went on a solo international trip. 2017 truly was a year that I lived as fully as I could remember. So as I sit here, reviewing the year that was, I am immensely excited for the new year, and the opportunities it brings.

Why am I so excited about 2018 you ask? I have decided to become a digital nomad and go see the world. What does this mean? I am planning to go to a few cities, live there for a while, could be a few days or months, and then move again, all the while keeping my full time job. Technology these days have given us the ability to collaborate productively across the globe. So why not collaborate across the globe? I am super excited, and nervous, about this journey. I am certain there will be challenging times ahead, and I have to make some living habit changes, but I am also eager to explore the opportunities lie ahead.

For my new year resolution I will blog more. I think I will have enough materials to keep the three and half of you readers entertained.

First stop is Austin, TX in January. Stay tuned!

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